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Management of plastics with strong experience.

Plastics Manage Finland Oy is a plastic industry service company founded in 2014. The company offers services to companies specializing in injection molding of plastics in the form of injection molding training, mold trial runs and technical support. The cooperation network includes mold manufacturers, automation experts, and equipment and machine suppliers. The entrepreneur himself has extensive experience in plastic injection molding. I offer you my very extensive experience in injection molding to develop your company’s processes. Mold trial runs are an very important part of production. Trial run I have gained experience from test runs of several thousand molds both in Finland and abroad. Multi-component injection molding techniques and gas-assisted injection molding technology also belong to a strong field of expertise. The demand for educational services has been growing strongly. The range of training courses is constantly being added. I also organize training together with partners. Let’s find solutions for your training needs together.


Service offering

Technical support

Technical support of injection molding production.

In the technical support of production and working methods, I serve in the solution of injection molding challenges. Poorly functioning processes offer nice challenges that I am happy to solve. Let’s develop solutions together so that production works as efficiently and reliably as possible.


Injection molding training for the plastics industry.

In training services, I have organized training days for test drivers, tool setters, plastic mechanics, sales personnel, and quality control personnel. The topic of the training day can be, for example:
-the basics of plastic injection molding
– injection molding surface defects and their solutions.
– test run of injection molds
– tool setters trainings
-management of injection molding machine parameters
– robot training for the basics
-intensive training in injection molding machine programming
If necessary, the training is tailored according to the customer’s wishes.

Trial runs and technical inspections

Injection molding trial runs.
Professionally handled trial runs and technical inspections for plastic injection

I perform trial runs and technical checks of the molds with the certainty of long experience. If necessary, I also help in planning and evaluating mold changes. It
is important to ensure that the tool works as planned in your production. As an expert, I ensure the quality production ability of the molds.

Let's make managing plastics easier together.


Confidentiality is the key to all operations. Contact us and we will confidentially discuss possible contact work.

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